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Here are some of our clients: 
Home Page of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the Canadian national police service and an agency of the Ministry of Public Safety Canada. The RCMP is unique in the world since it is a national, federal, provincial and municipal policing body. We provide a total federal policing service to all Canadians and policing services under contract to the three territories, eight provinces (except Ontario and Quebec), more than 190 municipalities, 184 Aboriginal communities and three international airports.
The Department of National Defence (DND) works collaboratively with the Canadian Forces (CF) to ensure the security of Canadians.
Service Canada provides a single Government of Canada service delivery network that brings together a comprehensive set of government services and benefits.ICTC/CTIC (Information and Communications Technology Council)

BELL Canada - Bell is Canada's largest telecommunications company providing customers with mobile, Internet, television and phone products.Espial, Inc. - IPTV Client-Side Middleware and Applications, Enabling Telcos to Own Their IPTV Subscribers with a Complete IPTV SolutionBell Canada Enterprises - Telephony, Internet, satellite TV, news, entertainment, e-commerce: BCE provides residential and business customers with the best products, applications and services
Iyono has been singing since the day she learned to speak.  Influences include Etta James, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles… to name a few. BestLane.com : is a server hosting, application design and web development firm.Three Vision Inc. is an architectural visualization company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We offer advanced, computer-generated 3D architectural rendering and animation of homes and living environments.
Hyundai Merchant Marine is a transportation company with a variety of carriers. News, rate request and currency conversion.Descartes Shipping meets the need of global trade and transportation organizations that want to differentiate their businesses through effective logistics strategies and processes, or need to improve existing logistics processes to compete in a variety of markets.
EZTariff A global maritime Transportation Services ProductMAERSK SEA LINE - One of the biggest shipping companies around, their container ships and bulk carriers are seen in ports all over the world.
Entrust Technologies - provides digital certificates, PKI security, and encryption software for consumers, enterprises and governments in more than 1700 organizations

PRONEXUS Incorporated - IVR software application developer of Toolkits for creating your IVR applications, voice solutions, IVR solutions for speech, TTS, ASR and Telephony integration APREL Laboratories - Testing of electronic systems for RF compliance. Products, services and standards work information.

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