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Winshots System Snapshot 3.0

Winshots System Snapshot is a 32-bit Windows® application designed to track changes on your system made by installing or running 3rd party applications.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that there is no simple way to tell exactly what has changed on your computer after installing or running some application. Even though most of the software packaged today includes some sort of uninstall mechanism, it still often lacks the performance we would expect from an uninstall program.

That's where Winshots System Snapshot comes in handy. Although it will not perform an uninstall for you, it will give you an exact, detailed report on what changes occurred on your system as a result of running an installation, or any other programWinshots System Snapshot will:
  • give you a list of what files have been changed, added or deleted

  • list all even the most secret system registry settings!

  • allow you to track changes based on Drive Contents or file Time Stamp

  • allow you to scan multiple fixed, removable and network drives!

  • allow you to specify which specific files to track

  • allow you to specify which registry keys to ignore Find out more by clicking here.


Click here to see a screen capture of Winshots System Snapshot
System Snapshot Screenshot

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Download and keep using your free trial version for 15 days.  Once the trial period expires come back here to purchase a registered version.  Once the payment is approved we will send you a personal license file by e-mail.  You will then save that file in the same folder where you installed Winshots System Snapshot into and your trial becomes a fully registered version, no longer popping up the reminder screen.


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